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ping me, baby! 

add me on BlackBerry  Messenger!

add me on BlackBerry Messenger ! 
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A BlackBerry Messenger adding community.

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This community is for people who own RIM BlackBerry  Smartphones. Every BlackBerry is equipped to run an instant messenger called "BlackBerry Messenger" or "BB Messenger". This community is for those who want to find people to chat with via BlackBerry Messenger.

funerealwaif is the owner of this community, ask her if you have any questions concerning the community or basic stuff about BlackBerrys.
gesundyke is the tech maintainer, please ask her for tech advice concerning your BlackBerry.
xgv is just awesome.

Upon joining this community, please introduce yourself with the following survey:

About yourself______
•BlackBerry PIN: (to add to our messengers)
•BlackBerry e-mail: (optional)
•How long you've had your BlackBerry:
•Which type of BlackBerry you own:
•A little about your interests:

•must own a BlackBerry  smartphone!
•applicants for membership should be over the age of 18.
•no spamming, or we'll block you from the community.
•only promote BlackBerry related material
•be nice!